Visting our comunity, besides visiting historial monuments and the Archeological Museum, you will have oher opportunities for spending free time. For the hiking lovers we can organise hikings in Tarcului and Opiana Rusca Mountains, where, besides the beautiful view, different from season to season, you can linger to gather cone proud flash (from which you can prepare, helped by us, the delicios cone syrup, god for the treatment of respiratory system), blueberries, raspberries and blackberries (good for jam, compote or syrup), mushrooms and hazelnuts, which you can consume fresh or preserved.

The time to gather these is:

  • June to October for mushrooms
  • September for hazelnuts
  • August to September for ), blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
  • June for cone proud flash.

We can provide help in preserving these products (jam, compote or syrup). Dring the period of acheological investigations, you can participate to voluntary actions regarding the archeological excavations, from 15 June to 31 august (in order to do this, you must annouce with at least 10-15 days before for us to obtain the reserchers accept). Fishing on mountains rivers can be done in this area, after you pay a taxe, collected by the locals (4 – 100 RON/day). Around 18 september, within the Amphitheatre’s precinct are taking place folkloric manifestations and symposiums, celebrating the Emperor Traian, the Village Festival, celebrated every year since 1992. During winter you can take horse carried sleigh or to tke ski slope from Retezat Mountains (20 km far from the village). The Christmas and New Year’s Hollidays are other special activities which can make you stay for a period in our village.