About us  

...Placed in the beautiful depression of Hateg Country, at the Retezat Mountain feet, warded by Poiana Ruscai Mountains on North, Tarcului and Retezat Mountains on South and Sarmizegetusa locality, it is about 8km far east from the gate between Banat and Transilvania, which anciently was called Tapae, nowadays, Iron Gate of Transilvania. The distance from the most important near cities is 55km East from Caransebes, 18km West from Hateg, 40km South-East from Hunedoara, the city that own the name of the county in which is Sarmizegetusa locality.

...Nowadays Sarmizegetusa took rise from antiquity, when, on the actual territory of the locality was born the Colony of Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa, Roman metropolis, built around 107-108 by the order of Emperor Traian. After the Roman retreat to the South of Danube during the Emperor Aurelian reign (275-276), the antique city was disintegrated due to attacks of migrating people, but at the beginning of the second millennium (after Christ (e.n)), a Romanian establishment is settled, having different names, like: Britania, after Britus the Red, cneaz from Hateg, or Gradiste (a place at citadel’s ruin) and which we meet over centuries by the name of Sarmizegetusa.
...The “Ulpia Traiana” pension belongs to the Delinescu Florin Sorin Agroturism Family Association, was started at the end of 2000 and had been classified by Minister of Tourism with two daisies (two flowers). It is situated in Sarmizegetusa locality, no.153, at 50m from the center of antique city Roman Forum. Being set up in 2000, with 4 places available, due to lack of housing space in locality, the number of places in 2003 doubled, reaching 8 places, available in 3 rooms with 1 or 2 beds for 2 persons, and 2 common baths. We offer a diverse traditional culinary menu, the majority are our own production.

...We mention some of the attraction points of the region:
The Colony Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa, the Roman Metropolis of antiquity:
- The oldest churches in Romania, made from stone: Densus, Strei, Ostrov, Santamarie Orlea;
- The Hateg Reservation of aurochs.
The gorgeousness of Retezat and Tarcului Mountains:
- Medieval castles in Hunedoara and Santamarie Orlea;
- The calciferous zone with tens of caves near Sureanu Mountains.